Should I start Boxing?

This is a great question, Should you start boxing?
the answer is yes you should 100% start boxing because doing so will bring great benefits. 
Boxing is such an underrated sport that not many people know about the benefits that it can bring. This is one of the most intense sports that anyone can engage in. Check out the video below of just a few of the workouts that you can do to get a good punching bag workout in.

The punching bag that he is hitting is a hanging heavy bag, these are great punching bags for beginners but I would actually suggest that you get yourself a free standing punching bag your beginner workouts.
Here are just some of the benefits and reasons as to why you should start hitting the bag and get yourself into boxing.

The bag that he is using is called a double end bag, these are great bags especially when trying to improve your coordination. These bags do a great job when you are trying to get your real life boxing skills up and on a champion level.

 The bag that I currently use and the one that I would suggest is the wavemaster xxl, the xxl bag is great choice for all skill levels. But is cheap and can be bought pretty much anywhere. It is also listed as the top free standing punching bag on, a top boxing website. You can find the review and buying guide on their site.

I would recommend you start your workouts off easy and don't get to intense for the first few rounds as you will become very sore and you will burn yourself out quickly.

Start your punching bag workouts off easy.

Watch the boxing training videos and then get started!!